Company Profile

Freeeduction society is an NGO engaged in publishing books related to motivation and engineering books. As a social service this publication also publishes those religious books which creates peace and prosperity in society and reduces communal hatred. At present it is a non-commercial, no-profit earning organisation, concentrating on service to the nation and community.


Our Mission

Our mission is to establish an NGO which will serve nation by opening schools and colleges for free education of poor people, and to publish books which will reduce communal hatred and motivate new enterpreneurs.

Our Vision

Our vision is to create a rich, wise, and tolerate society through Education and knowledge.

Author’s Word

Q. S. Khan
B.E. (Mech.)

"This world is family of God, and God loves to those who serve to His family." (Mishkaat,Tarjumanul Hadees Vol. 2, Hadees No. 239) This website is designed to spread love, harmony, peace and prosperity in mankind. May God help us in this noble task and bless to all those who help us in serving the mankind.

- Q. S. Khan